Frederick Delius

Piano Concerto in C minor

DCWDelius Catalogue of Works 11
RTRobert Threlfall (A Catalogue of the Compositions of Frederick Delius. London: Delius Trust, 1977) VII/4
DCEDelius Collected Edition (Frederick Delius Complete Works, Editor-in-Chief: Sir Thomas Beecham, Bart.) 29a

Dedicatee: Théodor Szántó

The compositional history of the Piano Concerto is among the most complex of Delius's oeuvre. Originally a 'three-in-one'-movement Fantasy for Orchestra and Pianoforte, written in 1897, the first performance in 1904 was of a revised, three-movement version. Before publication and another performance by the dedicatee, Théodor Szántó, in 1907, further substantial revisions were made, creating a 'compromise', as Beecham saw it (RT.1986, 94). The 1907 version returned to the three-movements-in-one form, but kept the more classical key scheme of the three-movement version. It also incorporated a new final section, and extensive editing of the solo part by Szántó. Subsequently, further suggestions by Szántó were rejected by Delius, but minor amendments were incorporated into later editions. 

Composition: Between 1897 and 1909.

The early manuscripts are dated 1897, with revisions taking place before 1904 and again in 1906-7 and 1909 (RT, 164).

Fantasy for Orchestra and Pianoforte

Date: 1897.

Allegro moderato

Duration: 30 min.

Musical incipit for this work

Three-movement version

Arranger: Julius Buths

Date: c. 1904.

Duration: 28 min.

Final version

Editor: Théodor Szántó

Date: Between 1906 and 1909.

Allegro non troppo

Duration: 22 min.

Musical incipit for this work

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