Piano Concerto in C minor Publisher
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The early manuscripts are dated 1897, with revisions taking place before 1904 and again in 1906-7 and 1909 (RT, 164).

English Documents letter Jelka Rosen 25 January 1898 LC I 126-7 letter Hans Haym Frederick Delius 19 June 1903 LC I 216-17 letter Théodor Szántó 20 September 1906 LC I 269-70 letter Théodor Szántó 28 September 1908 LC I 370-1 letter Harmonie Verlag Frederick Delius 15 October 1908 LC I 372-3 letter Théodor Szántó 17 October 1908 LC I 373-4

The compositional history of the Piano Concerto is among the most complex of Delius's oeuvre. Originally a 'three-in-one'-movement Fantasy for Orchestra and Pianoforte, written in 1897, the first performance in 1904 was of a revised, three-movement version. Before publication and another performance by the dedicatee, Théodor Szántó, in 1907, further substantial revisions were made, creating a 'compromise', as Beecham saw it (RT.1986, 94). The 1907 version returned to the three-movements-in-one form, but kept the more classical key scheme of the three-movement version. It also incorporated a new final section, and extensive editing of the solo part by Szántó. Subsequently, further suggestions by Szántó were rejected by Delius, but minor amendments were incorporated into later editions. 

Instrumental music Concerto Fantasy for Orchestra and Pianoforte Allegro moderato 1897

Orchestra fl. ob. cl. fg. cor. tr. trb. tb. timp. str. pf. Three-movement version Julius Buths c. 1904 24 October 1904 Stadthalle Elberfeld Elberfelder Konzertgesellschaft Hans Haym Julius Buths (piano) Reviews article journal <title level="j" xml:id="title_28cb9a44"/> <editor xml:id="editor_71ae7a52"/> <biblScope unit="vol" xml:id="biblScope_0037670f"/> <biblScope unit="issue" xml:id="biblScope_50360fd8"/> <biblScope unit="page" xml:id="biblScope_dc37d5d9"/> <pubPlace xml:id="pubPlace_e3ddfc59"/> <publisher xml:id="publisher_87697363"/> <ptr label="" xml:id="ptr_6d4810ec"/> </bibl> </biblList> <biblList xml:id="biblList_500106dd"> <head xml:id="head_4ccc13ce">Evidence</head> </biblList> </event> </eventList> <p/> </history> <perfMedium analog="marc:048" auth="" xml:id="perfMedium_ff183160"> <instrumentation xml:id="instrumentation_4d81f154"> <instrVoiceGrp code="oa" xml:id="instrVoiceGrp_c17b4e5b"> <head xml:id="head_b8217bb7">Orchestra</head> <instrVoice code="wa" count="3" xml:id="instrVoice_3821fdf5">fl.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="wb" count="2" xml:id="instrVoice_8ce04104">ob.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="wc" count="2" xml:id="instrVoice_9bd0c445">cl.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="wd" count="3" xml:id="instrVoice_2f7834dc">fg.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="ba" count="4" xml:id="instrVoice_2aead4a9">cor.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="bb" count="2" xml:id="instrVoice_75b55e9a">tr.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="bd" count="3" xml:id="instrVoice_3d2686a0">trb.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="be" count="1" xml:id="instrVoice_9330589a">tb.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="pa" xml:id="instrVoice_33ca718c">timp.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="sn" xml:id="instrVoice_d7e1ba31">str.</instrVoice> </instrVoiceGrp> <instrVoice code="ka" count="1" solo="true" xml:id="instrVoice_4f3f14b8">pf.</instrVoice> </instrumentation> </perfMedium> <classification xml:id="classification_e43b695b"> <termList xml:id="termList_38189f69"> <term xml:id="term_89ec4f75"/> </termList> </classification> <relationList xml:id="relationList_748b79af"/> </expression> <expression xml:id="expression_af83d61e"> <title xml:id="title_4d00ab99" xml:lang="en">Final version Théodor Szántó Allegro non troppo Between 1906 and 1909 22 October 1907 London Queen's Hall Orchestra Henry Wood Théodor Szántó (piano) Reviews article journal <title level="j" xml:id="title_55e317b2"/> <editor xml:id="editor_ae4fc21c"/> <biblScope unit="vol" xml:id="biblScope_57178358"/> <biblScope unit="issue" xml:id="biblScope_68db1399"/> <biblScope unit="page" xml:id="biblScope_a334e741"/> <pubPlace xml:id="pubPlace_f4beb28f"/> <publisher xml:id="publisher_72b16a61"/> <ptr label="" xml:id="ptr_d845ab73"/> </bibl> </biblList> <biblList xml:id="biblList_d0d40518"> <head xml:id="head_4339892b">Evidence</head> </biblList> </event> </eventList> <p/> </history> <perfMedium analog="marc:048" auth="" xml:id="perfMedium_f2c85839"> <instrumentation xml:id="instrumentation_04ee7249"> <instrVoiceGrp code="oa" xml:id="instrVoiceGrp_97f2e501"> <instrVoice code="jf" count="1" solo="false" xml:id="instrVoice_037ab93f">picc.fl.</instrVoice> <head xml:id="head_477035c4">Orchestra</head> <instrVoice code="wa" count="2" xml:id="instrVoice_c78b0f1a">fl.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="wb" count="2" xml:id="instrVoice_41ba34c2">ob.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="wc" count="2" xml:id="instrVoice_1a3a1e91">cl.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="wd" count="2" xml:id="instrVoice_37f431d4">fg.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="ba" count="4" xml:id="instrVoice_d7baca37">cor.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="bb" count="2" xml:id="instrVoice_5a58e726">tr.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="bd" count="3" xml:id="instrVoice_0eca8957">trb.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="be" count="1" xml:id="instrVoice_d9bbfb4f">tb.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="pa" xml:id="instrVoice_10bc7696">timp.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="jc" count="1" solo="false" xml:id="instrVoice_f3351306">cym.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="jk" count="1" solo="false" xml:id="instrVoice_0dbf1655">gr.c.</instrVoice> <instrVoice code="sn" xml:id="instrVoice_0e2b122e">str.</instrVoice> </instrVoiceGrp> <instrVoice code="ka" count="1" solo="true" xml:id="instrVoice_a7637dd1">pf.</instrVoice> </instrumentation> </perfMedium> <classification xml:id="classification_8d42a906"> <termList xml:id="termList_92b86d0c"> <term xml:id="term_48a456c8"/> </termList> </classification> <relationList xml:id="relationList_bc389d33"/> </expression> </expressionList> </work> </workList> <manifestationList xmlns:m="http://www.music-encoding.org/ns/mei" xml:id="sourceDesc_30bac46b"> <manifestation label="" xml:id="source_c2069423"> <identifier label="" xml:id="identifier_53f075f0"/> <titleStmt xml:id="titleStmt_00580bbc"> <title xml:id="title_fd982c60">Sketch material notated music manuscript autograph British Library London GB-Lbl MS Mus. 1745/2/9

Sketch material, mainly related to the earlier versions, in ink and pencil.

Notes notated music manuscript autograph British Library London GB-Lbl MS Mus. 1745/2/11/3

Notes for the work contained in a notebook of miscellaneous notes and sketch material for various works.

Grainger's conductor's score notated music manuscript copy score

The first page of score is stamped 'From Percy Grainger|7 Cromwell Place|White Plains. N.Y. U.S.A.| 

Grainger has also written 'Duration|18 minutes'

Delius Trust 1745/1/41

This is a photostat copy of a manuscript full score, in a copyist's hand, once belonging to Percy Grainger. Each page is marked 'Delius: Piano Concerto, Conductor's Score' by Grainger, and at the end of the score is a marking '1914, Wien'. The score contains many conductor's marks made before photographing, some in Grainger's hand. After photography the score was used by Beecham, and shows his blue pencil markings. This score shows substantial differences with the 1907 Harmonie-Verlag edition, but is in general agreement with the 1951 Boosey & Hawkes edition (see RL, 152).

Harmonie Verlag, full score Verlag Harmonie Berlin 1907 notated music print score Delius Trust MS Mus. 1745/1/41 (Acc. 329)

This item reflects a transitional stage in the life of the final, published version of the work. It is in Universal Edition covers (UE no. 3901, 1921), but the interior is the 1907 Harmonie-Verlag edition, but with numerous pastings over and corrections which update the score to the definitive version. In addition, this copy contains numerous markings in pencil and blue pencil, the latter certainly, and the former probably by Beecham. Notes in the Delius Trust's Accessions book (by Threlfall) indicate that Universal never re-engraved the full score, but provided copies amended in this form. 

Delius Trust Accession 334/1

An additional copy of the Universal Edition 1921 full score, with pasted corrections and Beecham's markings in various pencil colours. 

Two-piano version by Otto Singer Théodor Szanto Verlag Harmonie Berlin 1907 notated music print piano score Collected Edition Thomas Beecham Boosey & Hawkes London 1990 [1951] notated music print score Otto Singer's version (revised) Boosey & Hawkes London 1975 A re-engraving of Singer's reduction to incorporate Beecham's revision and editing. notated music print piano score Autograph score notated music manuscript autograph score Frederick Delius Théodor Szántó British Library London GB-Lbl MS Mus. 1745/2/13/1

This manuscript contains i) sheets of drafts in score, mainly related to the 'Fantasy' version and ii) the autograph full score of the three-movement version, lacking the second movement, and with some conductor's markings (in crayon) and additions by Szántó and Delius. 

Julius Buths's arrangement Julius Buths

Piano Concerto|Spring 1897

notated music manuscript copy piano score Julius Buths Frederick Delius British Library London GB-Lbl MS Mus. 1745/1/10

As well as Buths's arrangement of the three-movement version for two pianos, the manuscript contains the solo piano part for the 'Fantasy' version in a copyist's hand, with some additions by Delius.

Paris copyist's solo piano part

Concerto|for Pianoforte & Orchestra|Frederick Delius| Grez sur Loing|Seine & Marne

notated music manuscript copy British Library London GB-Lbl MS Mus. 1745/2/2

A later version of the piano part than that which forms part of 1745/1/10. The manuscript also contains a draft of the final cadenza, in the composer's autograph.

Two-piano score Julius Buths Delius Trust London 1990

Piano Concerto in C minor|(hitherto-unpublished 3-movement version, as performed in 1904)|2-piano score by Julius Buths

notated music print piano score
Published full score Thomas Beecham Boosey & Hawkes London 1997 This source includes an informative introductory essay by Robert Threlfall on the genesis and history of the Piano Concerto. notated music print score Autograph full score

Fantasy for|Orchestra and Pianoforte|Fritz Delius.

The first page of score is marked 'Fritz Delius|1897'

notated music manuscript autograph score Frederick Delius British Library London GB-Lbl MS Mus. 1745/1/11

The second item in MS Mus. 1745/1/10 is the solo piano part of this version of the work.


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