Frederick Delius

Brigg Fair

An English Rhapsody

DCW 31
RT VI/16
DCE 24b

Composer: Frederick Delius
Dedicatee: Percy Grainger

Percy Grainger notated a performance of the folksong 'Brigg Fair' in the Lincolnshire market town of Brigg in 1906. The performer, a seventy-two year old bailiff named Joseph Taylor, only recited two verses, but Grainger added a further four from other folksongs to create a 6-verse setting for unaccompanied solo tenor and mixed chorus. Delius was so impressed with the setting that he decided to write his own version, comprising - the title of 'rhapsody' notwithstanding - a tightly structured set of orchestral variations. Although recorded on a 1952 list of Delius manuscripts in the Beecham Library, the autograph score was lost prior to the deposit of all the Beecham-Delius material with the Delius Trust in 1982. The remaining manuscript sources are, therefore, fragmentary.

Composition: 1907.

Orchestra : 3 fl., 2 ob., cor.ingl., 3 cl., cl.b., 3 fg., cfg., 6 cor., 3 tr., 3 trb., tb., timp., gr.c., tubular bells, trgl., arp., str.

Slow - Pastoral

Musical incipit for this work

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